At Nickelsen Partners, we take a comprehensive approach to working to improve your dealership’s profitability.  We provide our clients with three essential tools to increase profits:


Over the years, Nickelsen Partners has amassed a library of best practices, processes, and metrics through our work with hundreds of the nation’s most successful auto dealers.  Our ideas are proven over time and – when implemented properly – will substantially increase your dealership’s bottom line profitability.


While best-practice ideas are necessary to improve auto dealership profitability and operations on a consistent basis, they alone are not sufficient.  The Nickelsen Partners team works closely with your dealership’s management and staff to assist in building individual awareness and understanding, along with providing the skill sets each team member will need to successfully implement and sustain best-practice ideas.  The result is a strong partnership between our automotive consulting team and your team that ensures that ideas are turned into reality.


At Nickelsen Partners, we understand the risk of bringing in traditional automotive consultants.  Often times, operations get better for a short period of time, but then dealership managers and staff begin to drift back to the old practices.  When this happens, you go back to the old results.  To ensure that the dealership moves from awareness to sustained improvement, we provide our clients with a suite of N-DOTS software to monitor the most important activities of each member of your dealership staff, making certain that best-practice ideas become a way of life within your dealership.  The strong support we provide includes ongoing coaching of management and staff along with strict individual and team accountability. By combining ideas, coaching and training, and monitoring, we help clients move from ideas to implementation to sustained action to continuous improvement.

The bottom-line is that the Nickelsen Partners Automotive Consulting three-pronged approach has generated substantial gains for our automobile dealer clients. We encourage you to contact us today for a risk-free assessment by emailing Nickelsen Partners or call Steve Nickelsen at 330.697.3725.

Some of our most popular topics include:

Leadership development

  • How leaders can do more “important” and less “urgent” tasks
  • Developing a “meeting” strategy that really helps and everyone looks forward too
  • Being a more effective “coach”
  • Making one on one’s more effective
  • Building checklists for all dealership positions
  • The “keys” to improving our execution – getting beyond planning

Personnel development

  • Effective recruiting and selection processes in hiring
  • Training processes that improve sales
  • Processes for improving customer retention
  • Using “Quartiling” to improve per person productivity
  • Leading the Y Generation
  • Conducting a dealership “climate” survey
  • How to build a great sales meeting
  • Compensation strategies that improve your net profit and increase retention

Business development

  • Improving sales person prospecting efforts
  • How to increase your accessory sales – new and used
  • Increasing your “detailing” business from your service customers
  • Why most marketing campaigns fail and how to prevent it
  • Improving customer retention

Increasing showroom sales and efficiencies

  • Processes for maximizing first time and overall closing percentages
  • Processes for maximizing the percentage of people that return after a first “no buy” visit
  • Improving Internet efficiencies – incoming sales calls and Internet leads
  • Improving your “desking” process
  • The keys to increasing your F&I income
  • Making the morning “unsold prospect” meeting more effective to sell more vehicles

Used vehicles

  • How to reduce your average negotiation from the Internet price
  • Using “folders” to maximize used car sales efficiency
  • Developing a used vehicle inventory that attracts prospects
  • Processes for reducing aging inventory while improving “turns”
  • Improving your “Velocity” processes
  • Sourcing used cars from your service lane, We Buy Cars and your DMS
  • Seeing if a “Centralized Sourcing” department could make sense for you
  • Understanding “Look to Book” and how it effects your showroom processes
  • Maximizing your “On-Line” merchandising of used cars and trucks
  • Strategies and processes for improving sales to service and sales to sales loyalty
  • Increasing your first service visit retention


  • Improving your “sales to service” handoff
  • Creating “warmth” in the service departments relationships with customers
  • How to increase customer pay gross in this market
  • How to reduce reconditioning “cycle time”
  • Maximizing the service write up process
  • Maximizing your fixed absorption
  • Service menu’s that really work
  • Increasing tire sales
  • Building service department marketing strategies
  • Developing service as a customer “entry” point
  • Improving the sales skills of service advisors