When it comes to improving profitability for automobile dealerships, no one in the industry has helped more dealerships increase profitability and performance than the staff of Nickelsen Partners.

Through a mix of innovative and proven ideas, consistent coaching, targeted training, and ongoing monitoring and accountability on behalf of your team, Nickelsen Partners helps automobile dealerships significantly improve bottom-line profits.

The first step to higher profits is a risk-free Nickelsen Partners assessment, which clearly shows you where your dealership stands today relative to auto industry best practices. We identify where you should focus your attention to improve dealership profitability, what kinds of actions will be needed, and what type of improvement in sales and profits you might expect from those actions. Typically, those improvements may address in-store sales processes, handling of phone and Internet leads, used-car operations, service operations, management processes, staff skill development, marketing strategy, expense management, and overall dealership or dealer group strategy.

We invite you to learn with us how you can improve your dealership’s profitability. At the end of the assessment, you will understand the size of opportunity for your dealership’s variable and fixed operations, what will be necessary for your dealership to earn those higher profits, and how Nickelsen Partners will help you achieve those improvements. After we review the assessment together, you may choose to go forward, but you are under no obligation to do so.

Bill Stasek Chevrolet Chicago, IL- Reinventing Used Cars

Chevy Dealer Bill Stasek views a DealersEdge Webinar featuring Steve Nickelsen and more than doubles his used vehicle volume and profits! Bill broke the mold of low expectations!